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Susan Skelley is a Southern abstract artist and certified colored chaser.

Born in Wilson, NC, she moved to Myrtle Beach, SC, in her teens. Her career as an artist started a decade ago when she was going through a divorce and needed a creative outlet. Since then, she’s produced more than 1,000 original pieces for hundreds of clients across the country. Her art embodies a delicate mixture of lighthearted ambience and refined elegance. It’s the kind of art you dance to.

Susan lives by the philosophy that your home is your sanctuary; you should fill it with art that makes you happy. Her work can be found in beach homes, mountain homes, galleries, and boutiques.

“I get joy from creating art that makes people smile.”

Susan Skelley

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What's in a Name?

Half the fun of painting is getting in the right kind of mood and then letting that mood carry you away. Like most people, I find inspiration in the world around me. Sometimes, I use something that’s been on my mind as creative energy to begin a new piece. In a way, it’s a theme, but in another way, it’s a message. From moments of laughter to “you had to be there,” here are some of my favorites.

Asymmetrical Fat Folds
What a pediatrician told me about youngest son 25 years ago.
Behind the Drive-In
Growing up my aunt and uncle told me stories about dates at drive-in diners.
I Can Go
The time my mom high-jacked my dad’s and made it their first date.
Hurricane Babies
This one is pretty obvious! Nine months after a hurricane, the birthrate goes up!
Peaches and Buddies
My father-in-law refers to his granddaughters as 'peaches' and his grandsons as 'buddies.'
Searching for Styrofoam
My son once told me when he came home from college to visit that he wasn’t looking for pots and pans filled with good food, but rather styrofoam filled with leftover takeout.
My mother had a plastic container filled with mementos from throughout my life, including the hospital receipt for my birth!

Tricks from Cali

Smack a Donkey

Marshmallow Babies

Walk-Ins Welcome

Walk-Ins Welcome

Lemondrop Lollipop

Glitter Gavel

Drink Fishing

On Location

You can see some of Susan’s work for yourself in these locations

Isles Restaurant
Ocean Isles, SC

North Myrtle Beach City Hall
North Myrtle Beach, SC

East Coast Solarium
Myrtle Beach

Frame Moxie Frame Shop & Gallery
Hartsville, SC
Mahala Reese Women’s Boutique
Hartsville, SC


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